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The UK’s leading showreel production company

Nowadays, every performer needs a showreel. Whether you’re an actor, dancer, singer or presenter trying to secure an agent or just want to add more to your spotlight page, Slick Showreels cater for everyone. We shoot with film quality cameras and edit with industry standard software in HD quality, without it costing you the earth.

This year we celebrated half a decade of showreel making. We have created over 2,000 scenes made from scratch, which is the equivalent to over 33 feature films. We’ve had 2 films screened at BAFTA with one more in development and our hit rate for actors signing with top agents after using our services is higher than ever. Our incredibly talented team of writers, directors, producers and editors all work day in day out on television shows, films, music videos and documentaries for the likes of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky keeping them all at the peak of their game. This year we furthered our services into the headshot and voice reel departments. With us now offering all 3 of the key ingredients to a healthy career in one place with some lovely package prices to keep everything affordable, neat, and with a super quick turnaround.

But enough about us. You’re here for you.

And luckily… So are we.

“You don’t need a Showreel” Said the out of work Actor

A showreel is an investment. It’s a moving CV, and when showreels are done properly they can be extremely interesting for others to watch. And you never know who might be watching. Our job is to make your showreel not actually look like it was made for that sole purpose. Our years of experience in this field has taught us many tricks to make sure the scenes look like they have come out of a film or a TV show, and not that you went to a showreel company and had them made. Don’t think of us as a showreel production company – Think of us as film production company that’s making material just for you.

Film and television is without a doubt the most competitive industry in the world. Not having a showreel and attempting to crack the industry is the acting equivalent of trying to beat Usain Bolt in the 100 meters, but deciding not to bring your shoes.
Not everybody will find it that easy to get a show reel created. Performers who have solely worked in stage and musical theatre might not have any footage of their work, and performers who are just beginning their careers will face the same problem when looking to get a showreel made.

That’s where we step in. Slick Showreels has been helping people in these situations create showreel’s from scratch for near enough as long as a showreel has been so crucial. We film show reels for every kind of performer.

A lot of people question whether showreels are necessary. They question whether a show reel is more important than a head shot. Well it goes without saying that your head shot is absolutely vital, but more and more in the modern day, the need for a showreel is becoming increasingly important. With the rate at which technology is changing, it wouldn’t be surprising if every casting director had an iPad with your show reel on, instead of holding a thin piece of paper they’ve printed from spotlight. Some casting directors are not far from that even today.
They want to see you act the part, not just look the part.

Showreels For Actors & Other Perfomers

Actors showreels, out of all of the artistic vocations, is the most vital tool for any actor wanting to excel in the business. Without an actors showreel what proof do you have of your talent? Nowadays most casting professionals and agents won’t even consider looking at anyone without an actors showreel. For most performers, It’s their foot in the door, their first step, but most importantly actors showreels are something that will help you get your next job. As actors showreels build, so do their careers.

We pride ourselves on making show reels that stand out. We believe our show reels for actors and other performers contain a key ingredient. With years of experience in all aspects of the industry our showreels for actors, presenters, singers and dancers will make your next step in the industry an awful lot easier.

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