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A high quality showreel is the most important investment you
will ever make as an actor. Our mission is to be the best showreel
company in the world and give you a showreel that
looks like it’s taken from a TV show, short film or feature film. 

Slick Showreels was founded by
Oscar® Winning director Chris Overton.

“I know how hard this industry is and I know how frustrating it can be.
I can empathise. I oversee every single showreel at Slick Showreels no matter
where I am in the world and nothing leaves the edit suite unless I’m happy”.

Slick by name, slick by nature.

Slick by name, slick by nature. The process was easy, professional and I knew I was in very capable hands. From the script to the locations and sourcing tremendous actors to co-star with me, it was first class service from start to finish. The directing on set was incredibly helpful as I felt confident I was performing to my very best with expert guidance. Since filming I have received excellent feedback on my showreel from casting directors and agents to directors and fellow actors. They take all the stress out of your hands so you can focus on giving a great performance. Highly recommended !
Katherine Mary Actress

I'm now signed with United Agents!

When looking at showreel companies to go, Slick Showreels was the one for me. The quality of work is very high class and has agents thinking this is footage is off a show. It was a bold choice for me to pick Slick Showreels especially as a drama student at the time but it paid off as this reel got me professional work, more footage and I'm now signed with United Agents! If you really want your career to kick off, Slick Showreels is where it is at! I've recommended them to my friends and I will keep recommending them because they are good!
Mike O Actor

Freddie Fox

The showreel service was excellent. Slick did a beautiful job and went above and beyond to get it right for me. I have actually just recommended Slick to my agent as the company that they should send all their clients to.
Freddie Fox Actor

8 offers for representation

Slick Showreels made every effort to work with me to achieve the aesthetic and content that I thought would serve me best. The actors, script, direction and cinematography was excellent and collaborating on set was really enjoyable. Recently I included the reel in submissions for representation- I secured 9 meetings and got around 8 offers- all of which mentioned how good the showreel was and asked what shows the extracts came from! Thank Slick Showreels
Wreh-Asha Actress / Singer

Best decision I ever made

I couldn't have asked for better and finally had marketing material that I was totally confident in. Within 2 months I had signed with a new, very good agent and since have filmed a heavily featured role in a new period drama for Sky Atlantic
Edward Anderson Actor

I Flew from Australia for Slick

I had the most amazing time shooting with the crew. All about the quality and excellent execution. Would recommend to those who truly want a professional result. It was worth the journey.
Jazlyn Gabriel Australlian Actress

No other showreel company can match the quality

Before approaching Slick Showreels I knew that I wanted to get a showreel together to help me in preparation for submitting to agents and casting directors in my third year of Drama School. I spent roughly a year researching various showreel companies and in all honesty non of them matched the quality of footage that Slick Showreels produced. The detailed level of scriptwriting was far beyond my already high expectations. On set the crew were extremely professional and accommodating. I would not hesitate to recommend Slick to anyone that was looking to get a bespoke showreel done. In my opinion there is no other showreel company that can match the quality, experience and professionalism that Slick Showreels has.
Nathan Collins Actor

The Best in The Business

I cannot recommend Slick Showreels enough. They are brilliant and professional and create exceptional reels again and again. Aside from their technical and creative brilliance, they are also the loveliest and most creative bunch of people. If you want a great showreel, look no further than Slick Showreels. They really are the best in the business.
Anna Ballantine Actress

Brilliant from start to finish

Brilliant from start to finish, I couldn't fault them in any way. Professional services provided from the script writing to the filming and editing No question was unanswered and I'm really happy with the final product.
Olly Mayo Actor

The best showreel company

The best showreel company I've ever worked with. They really care about what YOU want and they give you their honest opinion and great advice. I would honestly only go to them for a showreel again. I would highly highly recommend them to anyone!
Lydia Backhouse Actress

The best of the best

Slick Films are fantastic. I recorded 2 Gold showreel scenes with Slick earlier this year - the creation process and final result were both amazing. The amount of care that goes into creating good quality material is top notch, the entire team genuinely wants to help create the best possible material for your scenes. They work seamlessly together, full of enthusiasm and drive and everyone involved was a total professional. I would thoroughly recommend Slick to anyone looking to film material for their showreel. They are the best of the best.
Tom Kelsey Actor



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award winning actor showreels

A showreel is your first audition. It can land you a job.

Slick Showreels was founded by actors for actors and has since grown over the last decade to become the UK’s leading showreel company and a contact for leading casting directors and agents across the globe searching for raw talent. Our success rate from actors finding an agent after completing their reel with us is 96%.

Our years of experience in this field ensures your showreel looks like it has come
out of a film or a TV show. Don’t think of us as a showreel production company –
Think of us as film production company that’s making material just for you.

Every performer needs a reel because you are already competing against thousands
of actors who do have a showreel. Whether you’re an actor, dancer,
singer or presenter trying to secure an agent or just want to further your career.
Slick Showreels cater for everybody.


Catered to your casting.
Bespoke actor showreels made for
professionals by professionals.

Showreels For Actors and Other Performers

Actors showreels, (out of all of the artistic vocations),
is the most vital tool for any actor wanting to excel in the business.

Read our interview with United Agents
“A showreel is a really important tool”

– (anonymous) United Agent 

Without an actors showreel what proof do you have of your talent? Nowadays most casting professionals and agents won’t even consider looking at anyone without an actors showreel. For most performers, It’s their foot in the door, their first step, but most importantly actors showreels are something that will help you get your next job. As actors showreels build, so do their careers.

We pride ourselves on making show reels that stand out. We believe our show reels for actors and other performers contain a key ingredient. With years of experience in all aspects of the industry our showreels for actors, presenters, singers and dancers will make your next step in the industry an awful lot easier.

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